Yolen Family Reunion

Some photos from the May 2012 Yolen cousins party in Stamford, CT. About 80 people attended; descendants of Samson and Manya Yolen, who lived in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine, and immigrated to New Haven, CT about 100 years ago.

March 2012 CT & NYC 073

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2 Responses to Yolen Family Reunion

  1. Anita Alper Fricklas says:

    My grandparents, Samuel and Sophie Rabinowitz Finkel came from Ekaterinoslav. Are there any with those last names in your family tree?

    • socallitvak says:

      Yes, Mimi (Miriam) Rabinowitz and her children were at the reunion. Mimi’s mother was Sylvia Yolen Plotkin, who was born in Ekaterinoslav. Mimi and I are 2nd cousins; my grandfather Louis Yolen was the oldest of 8 siblings, all born in Ekaterinoslav. But Rabinowitz surname is linked by marriage. Do you have other family surnames from there, such as “Hyatt”?

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