Kiselev’s List (Russian Documentary)

When the Jews of Dolginovo (Dalhinev) were under attack by the Nazis in 1942, some people managed to escape to the surrounding forests. Nikolai Kiselev, a Russian partisan, led them to safety 1500 kilometers to the east behind Russian army lines. Kiselev managed to save over 200, primarily women, children and the elderly, at great personal risk. He was later recognized by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations, and this award-winning Russian documentary was made a few years ago. It has English subtitles and narration, about 45 minutes in length.

You may have seen the movie “Defiance”; the story of “Kiselev’s List” is equally compelling and some of my family members were among the people who were saved in the forests of Belarus. The movie was able to be made when Inna Gerasimova, Ph.D., director of the Museum of Jewish History and Culture of Belarus, found documents in the National Archives of Belarus confirming the events. Several survivors, now living in Israel and the US, were located and interviewed for the film.

Jewish Life TV is showing “Kiselev’s List” online, perhaps for a limited time.

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